10 Things to Do in Washington for the Fall Season

Snoqualmie Falls in Autumn

COZY SEASON IS UPON US. The leaves are turning red; the mornings are feeling a lot more crisp; and you’re slowly pulling out your favorite flannels and beanies. Having been raised in Southern California, these Fall moments in Seattle feel much more special. There are so many things to do in Washington for the Fall season, and I can’t wait to fill my calendar up with all these activities.

Having it be my third Fall season in the PNW, here are my favorite things to do during this beautiful transitional time!

1. Walk around to see the changing leaves

Duh. This is probably a given, but I had to put it on here. Whether you plan to or not, this is definitely something you’ll be doing in Washington for the Fall season.

My favorite parks to take a walk during the Fall near Seattle have been Green Lake, Carkeek, and Seward Park.

2. Enjoy Washington’s Fall Harvest

One of my favorite things to do is to enjoy Washington’s fall harvest. Visit a local farm and pick your own Washington apples or pumpkins on site, or visit your local farmers market down the street to see and consume everything that Fall has to offer.

Farmers Markets I’ve enjoyed in Seattle

One thing I want to try this season is to take advantage of the Fall harvest and bake a Washington apple pie. Keep an eye out for my future post for my own apple pie recipe.

3. Go on a last minute camping trip

backpacking during the fall season in Washington
Backpacking to Lila Lake, WA

If you haven’t been able to camp this summer, now is the time to fit one camping trip before it starts getting super cold. Fall is arguably the best time, because campsites aren’t fully booked, and you’re most likely able to do a walk-on site. Summer is at a close, so check the weather in case it may be cold or raining (which is most likely).

We spontaneously went to Mount Rainier National Park near the end of September last year, and our hike around Skyline Trail wasn’t as busy as when we hiked up to Camp Muir (via Skyline Trail) during the summer.

4. Forage mushrooms while on a hike

You don’t realize how many mushrooms are growing around you while you’re on a hike until you have the eyes for them!

On our way to Franklin Falls, we decided to forage mushrooms and found a huge chanterelle mushroom the size of our head. If you’re into cooking with unique ingredients, you know this is definitely a win. Keep an eye out for mushrooms in wet environments on or near dead trees.

Don’t forget to bring a basket to collect your mushrooms. Last time, we brought a Ziploc bag, and it made it too steamy where we were afraid to actually eat them once we got home.

Looking for Fall hikes in Washington? Check out my friend Michelle’s post on 17 Breathtaking Easy Hikes In Washington State.

5. Head to a Seahawks game in Lumen Field

It’s football season! It’s time to wear your Seahawks gear, grab an overpriced beer, and yell nonsense in the Lumen Field. I love being in the crowd and watching the Seahawks live with my friends. It doesn’t feel like Fall if I don’t see one football game live or at least in a bar on the tv screen.

6. Grab some brews at a local Oktoberfest

Enjoy a large mug of beer at your local Oktoberfest. Some Oktoberfests in Washington include:

If you can’t make it to an Oktoberfest event, I’d still recommend going to Leavenworth sometime in the Fall and Winter, because of the surrounding snowy mountains, festive lighting, and Bavarian decor.

7. Catch fresh squid in the Puget Sound

This is my most favorite thing to do in Washington during the Fall season. September to December is the best time to fill your bucket with pounds of squid and hit limit within an hour or so. I swear I can live off a squid diet during these several months, because the squid is so fresh and delicious. If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely try squidding this year!

For more information on where to fish for squid, check out my post for the Best Locations to Catch Squid in Seattle.

8. Snowshoe through a blanket of snow

If you’re going to try one thing adventurous this season, I’d recommend at least try snowshoeing. I went for the first time last year, and it was an incredible sight to experience! Hikes that I’ve done in the summer are a whole new experience when snow is involved.

Things to bring snowshoeing

  • Snowshoes | You can rent snowshoes from REI for the day; make sure you reserve in advance, just in case.
  • Sunglasses | I’d also definitely recommend sunglasses! If there are no trees around, it gets super bright. For one snowshoe hike, we had to turn around half way, because we could not see the floor.
  • Gaiters | My god. For one hike, I did not bring gaiters, and my socks were soaking, and I was FREEZING. Never again am I going on a hike through the snow without them.
  • Extra socks | I always bring extra socks after every hike, but I’d for sure bring a pair just in case they get wet from the snow.

9. Watch the final sunsets of the year

sunset on orcas island during the fall
Mount Constitution on Orcas Island, WA

Make sure you catch the final sunsets before it becomes overcast full-time! During this time of year, more clouds are rolling in, so more epic sunsets are bound to appear.

Find a local lookout near you, or plan a ferry trip out to the San Juan Islands and drive up to Mount Constitution for an epic view.

10. Chop down your tree for the holidays

This is definitely something I’ll forever do in Washington for all the Fall seasons to come.

I enjoyed going to Trinity Tree Farm, because there were SO many types of trees (such as Douglas fir, Fraser, Noble and Grand) and large quantities to choose from. There were also clearance trees in all different types and sizes and were definitely a bang for your buck.

My tip is to dress warm and bring a cup of hot chocolate from home. Get there early, because there may be a long line to enter the farm.

Final Thoughts

Pumpkin patch in Irvine, Orange County
Pumpkin patch in Irvine, Orange County

When living in OC, it lowkey felt like I was forcing the authentic Fall moments with my Starbucks PSLs and pictures in a “pumpkin patch” parking lot. But here in Seattle, walking around the park next to large piles of fallen leaves and wearing cute coats because it’s actually cold outside makes Fall feel much more real.

Whether you’re in Washington or California, the beginning of the season always feels like a new page into the year. As the season begins to change, this is when I usually try something new or set new goals. Give yourself that time to set new plans this season, because It’s never too late to try something new.

What are your favorite things to do in the Fall season?


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