Best Locations to Catch Squid in Seattle

Edmonds Pier Sunset

I’ve been OBSESSED with squidding this Fall season in Seattle. Random, right? Being obsessed with squidding naturally had me find the best locations to catch squid in Seattle.

Something about feeling the tug on your fishing line and reeling that sucker in brings me so much joy. And at the same time, you’re bringing home delicious, fresh catches for your dinner table. My favorite recipes so far have been a traditional fried calamari or a spicy gochujang squid and pork belly dish.

I’ll first go over the logistics, then go over my favorite locations where I get the most catches.

When to Catch Squid

If you’re in the Seattle area, schools of squid start to migrate around the area from early September to December.

As for the time of day, many people go late at night around 11pm, but I’ve also experienced large schools of squid swimming around after sunset at about 5pm.

What to Bring and Wear when Catching Squid

My essentials when going out to catch squid

  • Squid jig (Bring extras just in case!)
  • Fishing pole
  • Bucket or cooler
  • Knife
  • Washington fish license

What to wear when going out to catch squid

Trust me, it gets COLD. This is usually what I wear when I go out. It ain’t cute, but it definitely keeps me warm for hours!

  • Thick jacket + hard shell that you don’t mind getting squid ink on
  • Warm boots/shoes that you don’t mind possibly getting wet
  • Base layers
  • Wool pants
  • Beanie
  • Gloves
  • Face mask/balaclava

Best Locations to Catch Squid near Seattle

Edmonds Pier

You can always count on tons of people bringing in their own flood lights. Is it me, or are there always large schools of squid here? Definitely my favorite spot to go squidding by far!

Cleaning stations, rain covers, and restrooms are available.

It’s not quite Seattle, but it’s definitely worth the 25 minute drive. Park on the street near Waterfront Cafe.

Alki Beach

Best location for squidding with a view of the Seattle skyline. Search for the Marination Ma Kai address.

Parking lot and street parking available. Unfortunately, no restrooms unless you go inside Marination Ma Kai.

Downtown Seattle

First time squidding at this location, and I definitely had beginner’s luck here. Not that many people crowding which is nice. The people who come here are definitely pros.

There are multiple piers to check out in this area, like the one behind Elliot’s Oyster House or next to the Seattle Aquarium.

No specific parking lot; park on the street.

Shilshole Bay Marina

Two piers available in Shilshole Bay Marina: Golden Gardens and A-Dock. If one isn’t working out, the drive to the other is less than 5 minutes away.

Parking lot and restrooms are available.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried squidding yet, definitely try it this next upcoming season. You’ll have enough squid that will last you months!

As always, feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

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