10 Best Budget Restaurants in Whistler, Canada

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Updated on: March 22, 2023

Snowboarding trips can be big on the wallet, so what better way to save some cash is through your meals. If you’re not feeling that cold sandwich that’s been sitting in your backpack all day, check out one of these fairly-priced, best bang-for-your-buck, budget restaurants in Whistler.

How do I define “budget” meal? Each person spends about $20 before tip (give or take). And yes, that’s fairly cheap in Whistler!

After staying in Whistler for multiple trips a season, I’ve put together my 10 best budget restaurants in Whistler, BC, Canada. If you try a spot and enjoyed it, please let me know 🙂

10 Best Budget Restaurants in Whistler, Canada

1. El Furniture Warehouse

GREAT FOR: Après, Drinks, Cheap eats, Happy Hour

El Furniture Whistler food
Wings & Cauliflower Bowl
El Furniture Whistler calamari
El Furniture Whistler bar food
Happy Hour Menu Items

If you’re looking for the best budget restaurant in Whistler for drinks and food, check out El Furniture. Great spot if you’re looking for daily drink specials or when you want a filling meal for cheap. Mostly bar food like potato skins and poutine (delicious btw), but if you’re looking for something healthy and filling, order the cauliflower bowl – surprisingly very good!

2. Crystal Lounge

GREAT FOR: Après, Drinks, Cheap eats, Happy Hour

Crystal Lounge Happy Hour Wings
40 cent Happy Hour Wings
Crystal Lounge Happy Hour Wings and Nachos
HH Wings + Nachos
Crystal Lounge Happy Hour Wine
HH Wine

Crystal Lounge is my favorite budget restaurant spot in Whistler; you can’t beat 50 cent wings during Happy Hour! I came back multiple times during my trip, and it was a great spot for our large group of 6. Ask to get seated right in front of the fireplace. They have a different drink specials every day, like $5 shots, $6 wine, and $7 cocktails.

3. The Old Spaghetti Factory

GREAT FOR: Value meals

Old Spaghetti Factory Whistler
Old Spaghetti Factory Whistler
Old Spaghetti Factory Whistler
Old Spaghetti Factory Whistler

Okay, hear me out. Initially, the Old Spaghetti Factory seems like something to skip over, but if you’re looking for a budget restaurant in Whistler that will for sure fill you up, GO HERE. My boyfriend and I shared one three-course meal together ($20), and we walked out stuffed and happy we didn’t break the bank.

4. Peaked Pies

GREAT FOR: Cheap eats, Breakfast

Peaked Pies Whistler
Peaked Pies Whistler

Australian baked pies that are so delicious, you’re going to want another one! Great value for breakfast too, because they have a breakfast pie + coffee combo. Must try the Aussie pie warmed up! Great for to-go and leaving it in your hotel for a later snack.

5. Sushi To Go

GREAT FOR: Cheap eats

Honestly – this is a Whistler HIDDEN GEM, and my Best Budget Restaurants in Whistler list would not be complete without it. Located right next to the Whistler Visitor Center. You can definitely have a delicious budget meal between $10 to $20. The locals definitely know and love this spot. Four different party trays available, if you need to feed a family or a large group.

6. Splitz Grill

GREAT FOR: Cheap eats, Value meals

Splitz Whistler burger and onions rings
Splitz Whistler burger poutine fries

Bomb burgers, ranging from a bacon/blue cheese burger to veggie burgers to a poutine burger! Great value if you’re hungry after a long day on the slopes. Their regular poutine is delicious too.

7. Hunter Gather

GREAT FOR: Healthy, Happy Hour, Drinks, Value meals

Hunter Gather Whistler Canada

Great restaurant, if you want a healthy option that will definitely fill you up. Hunter Gather offers various options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including pork sandwiches, Mediterranean options, and healthy bowls. Also a taphouse with a variety of beers.

8. Fat Tony’s Pizza

GREAT FOR: Late night meal, Cheap eats

Fat Tony’s Pizza Late Night Whistler
Fat Tony’s Pizza Late Night Whistler

Super late night spot that delivers and closes at 3am year-round. One of the few, if not only, restaurant open after a late night out in the village. If you love ranch on your pizza, they’ll drizzle your whole slice; yum!

9. Fresh St. Market

GREAT FOR: Cheap eats, Grocery shopping, Healthy

So happy we walked through their hot food section. They make Indian food (like chicken tikka masala, rogan josh, and pork vindaloo), and oh my goodness – it’s only the best meal after a full day of snowboarding! This grocer is definitely a cheaper option than going to The Whistler Grocery Store.

10. Ohyama Ramen

GREAT FOR: Healthy, Happy Hour, Value meals

Ohyama Ramen Whistler
Ohyama Ramen Whistler Combo
Ohyama Ramen Whistler interior

It’s not quite $20, but it is a great bang-for-your-buck meal if you order their combo (which includes a side and a beer. I’ve tried their Creamy Vegan ramen, and WOW – so delicious. Located right next to RBC Royal Bank and Fuji Market.

Other Notable Restaurants in Whistler Village

  • Cinnamon Bear (located in the Hilton): Great for drinks and billiards
  • Pasta Lupino: Pasta combo deals
  • La Cantina: Quick bite for tacos. I haven’t try it, but it’s next on my list!
  • Caramba: Happy Hour! Try their wood-fired pizzas
  • Sushi Village: Not budget, but worth checking out. One of my favorites!
  • Fuji Market: If your stay has a kitchen, and you’re craving Asian food
  • Longhorn Saloon: Nightlife, crazy, always a good time
  • Tim Hortons: Of course I’m adding this here
  • Purebread: Fresh pastries and desserts! Must visit. It smells so good when you enter

Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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