My Quick Recs: Cabo San Lucas, MX

Catamaran boat in Cabo San Lucas

Updated on July 28, 2023

I LOVE CABO. And honestly, I would go back over and over again. Here are my favorite go-to’s and quick recommendations whenever I fly back down for a long weekend of warm sun, bountiful seafood and drinks, and relaxing massages on the beach.

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Map of Cabo San Lucas


Lunch / Dinner

  • The Office: Festive and lively restaurant right on the beach. Seating can be on the patio or on the sand. Great for different times: 1) Day drinking in the sun, or 2) Sunset for dinner, which leads to people pre-gaming for nightlife. Also great for large groups, like Bach parties or birthdays. I personally enjoyed coming here (large portions!! Lobster as big as me, no joke), and I would def go back – casual/laidback spot
  • Mango Deck: Right next to The Office. Same situation as The Office, but I’ve only came here for day drinking, enjoying the festivities. There’s a stage for drinking games hosted by the restaurant, shows – casual/laidback spot
  • Edith’s: Nice for a fancier, date night spot.. lobster, steak etc. If you ask for their cinnamon (??) drink, they make it in front of you and put on a show with fire


  • SUR Beach House: Super cute spot for a nice, relaxing breakfast/brunch with beautiful views! – more “fancy”; less “casual” spot
  • Café de Ciudad: Loooved this small hole-in-the-wall right next to our hotel. Cheap spot, if you want to save a little money. I swear, my cousin and I still think about their “Burrito & Eggs” menu item


  • El Squid Roe: Look it up, if that’s the vibe you’re looking for. Fun to check out nonetheless! This place is the definition of Cabo nightlife
  • OMNIA: Day club. It’s far off the main area, so if you’re willing to go out there. Check what DJ will be playing out there that day Permanently closed

Things to Do

  • Massages at the Sand Bar: Located right on the beach near Mango Deck. Cheap massages on outdoor patio + view of the beach: You can bet that it’ll get busy, so get there and reserve a timeslot. I always go here when I visit Cabo!
  • Catamaran!!! Definitely a must-do!!

Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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