Plan the Ultimate Ski Trip to Vail, Colorado

Want to plan the ultimate ski trip to Vail, Colorado? One of my goals when moving to Washington was to get better at snowboarding. This meant being able to carve down the mountain, nose first.. which ultimately meant I had to finally stop relying on falling leaf. During my first winter in WA, I definitelyContinue reading “Plan the Ultimate Ski Trip to Vail, Colorado”

My Quick Recs: Seattle, WA

For my friends and family traveling to Seattle – YES. I’m so excited for you to explore the city I decided to uproot to. From the sunny, blue summers to the gloomy, but cozy winters, I fell in love with this city. Here are my favorite viewpoints of the city, eateries, and things to doContinue reading “My Quick Recs: Seattle, WA”